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Welcome to our EPIC Book trailer package.

We have redesigned the book video industry to make sense to a world that has changed. Readers are out there, some on Facebook and twitter and others on online reader sites such as Goodreads. Many watch video on youtube and the younger generation love Instagram. So how do you reach them?

This package is designed for any author at any level in their literary career. We produce high quaity book trailers and book teasers that work with smaller budgets whilst still offering huge value.

Multiple pieces of content that you can share on different platforms more than once.

Give yourself the best chance of success.

Whilst it's great to spend thousands on one amazing trailer it isn't always the best route for many authors. The fundamental part of any marketing strategy should be to reach as many people as you can to promote your book. Some authors with authority in their niche and an established fanbase can promote one video to many people. If they have good solid social media platforms or websites one great book trailer can often be enough.

But there are also authors that are starting off their careers and need to establish a fanbase and reader groups. In this case one video posted once or twice may not have the desired reach.

That's why we created professional Book trailer packages that are in line with the way people interact with social media. We are all online now, people of different ages reside on different social media platforms and online reader groups. The job of an author is to try and reach them all. Our packages are designed to give you enough content to post without fear of duplicating your content.

Fresh, engaging and varied content is what people are now used to. Give them what they want at a price that makes sense to you

  • 1 ┬ámini-trailer (30-45 seconds)
  • 1 x teaser trailer (15-25 seconds)
  • 1 x classic trailer (15-25 seconds)
  • 2 x promotional images with your book cover
  • Edited trailers using stock footage and imagery
  • Dynamic creative text and taglines
  • Quality soundtracks
  • Ideal way to grow your social brand and fanbase
  • Perfect for author websites and online author sites
  • 5 pieces of shareable content


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