17 Jul: Why some Book Trailers just don’t work!

Many authors use Book trailers to market their books and over the years more and more companies have sprung up as video creators, specialising in the publishing industry.There are really only a handful of Book trailer companies that can call themselves specialists however. The truth is that you have to really understand essential elements of video marketing before you can provide an author with true value.

15 Jun: Top 10 tips to market your book

Writers like to write. Marketing, PR and Social media is often looked at as a ‘I guess I have to do it’ rather than an essential part of the promotion process. Some savvy authors dedicate a huge amount of time to social media and PR in the month before book launch as well as subsequent months thereafter.Many authors often leave marketing alone in the hope that Amazon or a mainstream publisher will do the work for them. We have worked for some of largest publishing houses and we know that marketing budgets can be very small and often non-existent for unknown authors.So, our first tip is to take stock of where you are in the book selling process and what you can do to make sure you reach as many people as possible.