1 x classic trailer
Dynamic text and taglines
Stock library content
1 x classic trailer
1 x  teaser trailer
Dynamic text and taglines
Stock library content
1 x classic trailer
1 x teaser trailer
1 x mini trailer
2 x social media images
Dynamic text and taglines
Starting at £1499
Videographer footage
Stock library content
2 x classic trailer
2 x  mini trailers
2 x teaser trailers
1 x pro book trailer
2 x social media images
Voice over options
Dynamic text and taglines

This Book Trailer advert is designed to be super affordable and incredibly effective. If you are on a budget or just want to create a video to boost the profile of your book, this is a great way to start.

The idea behind this book trailer is to keep things simple and elegant. We create the sense of emotion and storytelling through your quotes or reviews adding quality soundtracks and creative backgrounds.

Once edited together you still have something that looks and feels like a book trailer but without the additional costs of purchasing or creating new footage.

  • 1 x classic trailer (15-25 seconds)
  • Edited video with creative background
  • Soundtrack
  • Creative text and taglines
  • Ideal for smaller budgets
  • Perfect for web & social media

Book trailers are a great way to showcase your book to new readers. The importance of video cannot be denied. You can use your video content on social media, author and reader websites and of course social media platforms

Our starter package ensures any author can have access to a creative Book Trailer. We will create two contemporary and cinematic style mini-trailers using stock footage and imagery, then edit the piece to a relevant soundtrack adding text, tag lines and your book cover. By creating two pieces of shareable content you can post more often and maximise exposure.

  • 1 x classic trailer (15-25 seconds)
  • 1 x teaser trailer (15-25 seconds)
  • Edited video containing stock footage
  • Soundtrack
  • Creative text and taglines
  • Ideal for smaller budgets
  • Perfect for websites & social media
  • Two pieces of shareable content

One Book trailer can make a good impression. But what if you had three videos instead of just one? Our EPIC package is different to anything else on the market. We include one mini-trailer, one teaser trailers and one classic trailer.

We also design two ad style images that incorporate your book cover and taglines or quotes, so that you can them in your promotional marketing.

This package is designed to make the most out of your creative content. Whilst it’s great to have one big budget trailer, it really depends on your audience. Sometimes early in a writer’s career it’s better to have a variety of good quality relevant content that can be released over time on various different platforms.

Grow your audience with five pieces of quality shareable content for an amazing one off price.

  • 1 x classic trailer (15-25 seconds)
  • 1 x teaser trailer (15-25 seconds)
  • 1 x mini trailer (30-45 seconds)
  • 2 x promotional images with your book cover
  • Edited trailers using stock footage and imagery
  • Dynamic creative text and taglines
  • Quality soundtracks
  • Ideal way to grow your social brand and fanbase
  • Perfect for author websites and online author sites
  • 5 pieces of shareable content

If you don’t see what you want in the first three packages, then check out our Bespoke offering. This is where your Book trailer is only limited by your budget and imagination. As a minimum this package will give you an amazing amount of content to share and fill your newsfeeds with. There is an abundance of places to share your content and any new or existing author would benefit from the content available.

Our bespoke Book trailers are created with a blend of footage which is shot for purpose by our videographers and premium stock footage to create high level broadcast quality book trailers.

You will receive One Pro Book trailer, two mini-trailers and three teaser trailers. This will give you enough content to market your book online over a longer period of time. People enjoy seeing one trailer but you can’t keep posting the same thing to the same audience for months. That’s why it’s much more valuable to have a variety of video content to share with your potential book buyers.

All of our work will be professionally edited in-house and will benefit from high calibre creative footage and soundtracks, we will also colour correct it as we would any professional production. Our bespoke option also allows authors to add in extras such as actors, locations and props.

Grow your audience with multiple pieces of content for the price of an industry standard book trailer.

  • 1 x pro book trailer
  • 2 x classic trailers (15-25 seconds)
  • 2 x teaser trailers (15-25 seconds)
  • 2 x mini trailers (30-45 seconds)
  • 121 briefing with cinematographer
  • 121 concept meeting
  • 2 x promotional images
  • Stock footage
  • Videographer shoots bespoke footage
  • Editing and colour grading for cinematic feel
  • Premium soundtrack
  • Voiceover
  • Shoot list preparation
  • Multiple actor options
  • Add on services available
  • 8 pieces of shareable content



There are four packages available within our Book trailer services, Classic, Launch, Epic & Bespoke.  For our Classic, Launch & Epic packages, you can simply Buy now at the fixed cost. Once purchased you will receive full information and briefing document.

Bespoke offers a tailor made solution starting at £1499 and can be purchased via our Buy now for the fixed price or customers can contact us to discuss variations in the offer.


Our CLASSIC package is different to standard trailers that use actors, bespoke footage or stock libraries.  We use creative backgrounds and with some clever editing and soundtracks to bring the video to life. We also use dynamic text and to replicate the look and feel of a big budget trailer.

Our LAUNCH package is the most affordable way to have quality book trailers made. We use stock footage/images to create two stylish mini-trailers  then edit and add soundtracks and your book cover.

EPIC is excellent value, we create three trailers using premium stock footage along with professionally shot video in line with your book genre. We edit and add soundtracks and colour correct the videos.

Our BESPOKE option is where we can bring a higher production value to the project and shoot footage specifically for the trailer. Professional editing, colour correction, voiceover and everything needed for a full blown production trailer that comes under the bespoke banner. A package full to the brim with shareable online content.


We have four book trailer options. The turnaround time for a CLASSIC Book trailer is 3 days, LAUNCH is 5 days, EPIC is 10 days and BESPOKE 14 days.


We deliver our products digitally via web-based services wetransfer.


You do, we would reserve the right to use videos we’ve produced in our marketing material and on our website.


RedCloud book trailers offer amazing value for money, we don’t offer empty promises, we just offer great products at affordable prices.  We don’t think providing quality video should be prohibitive to only those companies or individuals  with deep pockets. Our prices start from as little as £49 – please refer to pricing tables for further information.


CLASSIC, LAUNCH and EPIC are buy now. BESPOKE is buy now or  50% upfront and 50% on completion.


CLASSIC: No revisions LAUNCH: No revisions EPIC: 1 revision BESPOKE: Unlimited revisions.


Once you have purchased the product of your choice, you will receive an information pack and briefing document. Authors answer a questionnaire about their book which allows us to create the trailer. Our BESPOKE customers also receive a questionnaire and briefing document but also benefits from an additional telephone briefing.


Book trailer production company and digital marketing agency based in Central London. We have worked with self publishing authors and publishing companies both in the UK and Internationally.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your project further or buy now from one of our amazing packages above.