Many authors use book trailer companies to market their books and over the years more and more companies have sprung up as video creators, specialising in the publishing industry.

There are really only a handful of book trailer companies that can call themselves specialists however. The truth is that you have to really understand essential elements of online video marketing before you can provide an author with true value.


Social media changed everything!

Social media has changed the way we view video, younger audiences especially have a much shorter attention span when it comes to the content they have access to.

Nowadays we have the ability to view multiple videos on our social timelines and the reality is that we are inundated with video, images and social media posts 24/7.


What does that mean to an Author?

Well, simply put. In order to stand out and be seen and noticed, your video must have some fundamental elements. Here is our top 5:


1. A Book trailer has to be high quality (that doesn’t mean expensive)

If you go to any book group on Facebook, you will notice hundreds of self made book trailers and many badly made Powerpoint style videos. Some of these are made by authors and some by book trailer production companies.

The reality is a professional book trailer production company wouldn’t suddenly attempt to write a 300 page crime novel because they wouldn’t have developed those skills over time. Could they do it? Maybe but would it be any good? Doubtful.

We all have to give professionals the respect they deserve and understand that if a company has specialised in producing high quality video and they can demonstrate it through their work, then you should probably leave that job to them.

To the point of costs. There are still book trailer companies out there, trying to produce cinematic book trailers for thousands of dollars. Often you will find add on services like PR and promises of thousands of views. Don’t fall for this. Times have changed and the good news is that you can now buy cinematic book trailers packages at a fraction of the cost.


2. The budget has to be right for the author (which doesn’t mean low quality)

As a new Author, you will have a million things to think about. Book cover design, promotional marketing, book trailers, PR etc.

But the reality is that ninety nine times out of a 100 there is no limitless pot of gold and sacrifices have to be made. RedCloud have produced simplified book trailer options for authors, suitable for any budget.


3. The type of video/s must consider the true audience of the author

This is so important. If you are a new author and you haven not yet managed to start a social media page or website, we recommend you get started. One of the most powerful aspects of video is it’s shareability.

Some new writers get carried away with a full production book trailer when in reality, they’re not really ready for it. If you don’t have an audience to share it with, how will it be seen? Don’t believe the hype when any company tells you they have access to New York Directors etc.

On the flip side if you do have a large budget, then of course you can pay for video advertising to boost real views to new readers.

Redcloud have developed simple, professional and realistic video packages that make sense.

If you want to grow your social media following and fanbase you have to start with multiple pieces of content, not just one book trailer.

Check out our book trailer packages to get an idea of how that works at


4. One video is often lost so consider multiple videos (that doesn’t mean expensive)

We mentioned this in point 3 but to clarify the point further. Whether you are a seasoned author or new to the game, content is king when trying to grow your market.

By using multiple pieces of branded content which highlights your book or the message you wish to convey, you have a much better chance of converting someone to a fan.

It’s simple really. The more quality content you share the better the chance of someone seeing and engaging with it.


5. It must be professionally put together for maximum impact

You have taken the time to write a book, you’ve gone over it with a fine tooth comb. Blood, sweat and tears have gone into your book.

You’ve invested physically, mentally and financially and now you’re ready to market it and tell everyone about it.

Don’t make a mistake at the last hurdle and try to create a book trailer on your own, unless of course you have worked in the video market before. It’s not easy to create quality content.

It pays to make sure your book is represented in the best way possible. To do that you must got to the right people with the right skills.

After all, the last thing you want to do is create a wonderful book with beautiful writing and wrap it in a bad book trailer which cheapens it. This also goes for book cover images, bad cover equals bad book in many cases, don’t fall for that. Amazing images specific to book covers can be found at

We hope you enjoyed our tips and make use of them. Stay tuned for more information and visit our site to learn more.