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Our bespoke book trailer package breaks the mold when it comes to amazing author content. Don't settle for one just one good book trailer. You have invested time and money to create a book that needs to be read and shared. It's the same for your videos and marketing content. Our Book trailer packages are designed for the modern age. Muliple pieces of quality content that can be shared over time giving you the best chance of building audience awareness.

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You're just a couple of steps away from getting your book noticed.

We developed our Bespoke Book trailer packages because we wanted to develop the industry, whilst offering real value to authors and publishers. Some authors already have a presence within the their genres and a good fanbase in which to showcase their work. Other authors are starting out in their literary careers and need all the help they can get to build their audience in this progressivly social media savvy world.

In order to reach potential readers an author has to be able to use every tool at their disposal. Online video is a great way to do this but with so many potential buyers on different social media platforms at different times, how you do make sure you reach them? Our book trailer options are based on audience reach.

We create multiple pieces of valuable content that can be used on websites, social media, online reader sites and much much more, without having to constantly repost the same content.

Give yourself the best chance of success and choose a book trailer production company that undertands how to provide value and reach new readers.

The base bespoke package comes with:

  • 121 briefing with cinematographer
  • 121 concept meeting
  • 1 x pro book trailer
  • 2 x mini trailers (30-45 seconds)
  • 3 x teaser trailers (15-25 seconds)
  • 2 x Promotional images
  • Stock footage
  • Videographer shoots bespoke footage
  • Editing and colour grading for cinematic feel
  • Premium soundtrack
  • Voiceover
  • Shoot list preparation
  • Add on services available
  • 8 pieces of shareable content


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